2015 NYSC Batch B online registration date

2015 NYSC Batch B online registration date is yet to be released by the official NYSC website. While waiting for the 2015 NYSC Batch B online registration date, NYSC online crew decided to make available some information as well as tools to help the 2015 Batch B prospective corps members to prepare and know things to expect in the 3weeks (21 day) orientation camp.

The National Youth Service Corps is a scheme geared towards national integration as well as selfless service. It is an avenue to meet people from different part of the country.

In National Youth Service, you do not have word of your own. You are expected to answer “YES SIR” to everything you are told to do.

You are expected to wake up by 3:30 and take your bath as well as brush your mouth (optional…[winks]) as you are expected to report to the parade ground for morning activities by 4:30.

The kind of food being served to some people is ok and to some others, they’ll have to buy from the Mammy Market. Mammy market is a word coined from mini-market. It is a market attached to a barracks where products for soldiers are sold. If you must eat mammy, make sure you go with enough money as things at mammy market are always costly.

We’ll be back with more information on things you need to know about the NYSC orientation camp, but don’t forget, NYSC orientation camp is a place you cant afford to miss. Let’s go back to our discussion on 2015 NYSC Batch B online registration date.

If you are a prospective corps member waiting for NYSC 2015 Batch B mobilization, we have prepared an article with NYSC orientation video for you to watch and know more of the activities that take place in camp 2015 NYSC Batch B Preparation.

We can help communicate to you as soon as 2015 NYSC Batch B online registration date is made public by the official NYSC site.

Remember, we do not charge prospective corps members for any information they access on our site. Every information we provide is free and will continue to be so.

While waiting for mobilization, get yourself busy with information on how to be self reliant.Visit HERE

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