2015 NYSC Batch A- No going back

There is No going back on the 2015 NYSC Batch A as the Management of NYSC has answered as well as cleared the confusion to the questions being asked by prospective corpse members and parents/guardian over the possibility of still having the 2015 NYSC Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course before May 2015 as a result of the shift in the Election Time-table.
The NYSC management has guaranteed that the 2015 NYSC Batch A orientation will still take place in May 2015 as the activities that are supposed to commence before the orientation course, (e.g., Submission of Senate approved list and online registration by prospective corps members) are yet to start.
further on this issue, it was stated that this exercise will take all Corps Producing Institutions one week to upload the Senate/Academic Board list, and also take prospective corps members (both locally and foreign-trained) four (4) weeks to register online. Apart from these, there are other administrative duties connected to the mobilization process which the NYSC management have to undergo before the orientation proper.

The NYSC officials has confirmed the 2015 NYSC Batch A Time table. Herein is the requirements for the online registration slated to commence next month being March, 2015. CLICK HERE to download



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