Upon noticing any mistake or omission on your Certificate, return it immediately to the State Certification Officer for possible correction where the error is traceable to National Youth Service Corps. Certificates are produced based on what the Ex-Corps member penned on the format during the orientation exercise.

In case you are to proceed to National Youth Service Corps NDHQ for collection of corrected Certificate, the following are required of you.

  • Letter of Introduction from the National Youth Service Corps State Secretariat addressed to the Director-General.
  • Handwritten application.
  • Valid I.D Card

NOTE: Certificate of National Service is not issued by proxy.


Below are the requirements for issuance of letter of exclusion

  • Graduates of various Institutions who have completed their part-time programme and have obtained their Degrees/HND/Certificates or Professional qualification as regulated by NUC/NBTE or evaluated by the Federal Ministry Education with effect from 2001 to date are eligible to be issued Letters of Exclusion.
  • Application for the issuance of Letters of Exclusion should apply to the office of the Director-General and attach the photocopies of the following:
    1. Degree/HND/Professional Certificate or Statement of Result
    2. Means of Identification e.g. I.D cards- Driver’s license, International passport
    3. One passport photograph
  • Physically present himself at the National Directorate Headquarters with the following documents;
    1. Original Certificate and or Original Statement of Result
    2. Identity Card, Driver’s License or International Passport
    3. One passport photograph.
  • Applicants to report to the Exclusion Division of the Corps Certification Department, 48 hours after submission of application for necessary attention.


  • Presentation of Letter of application for replacement attached with the following documents.
  • Police extract
  • Court Affidavit
  • Photocopy of lost original letter of exclusion.
  • Where the above (4) is not available, the applicant must furnish the department with the date of issuance and certificate number.
  • Original copy of his/her Institutions Certificate of graduation.
  • Identity card or driver’s license or International passport.

Note: National Youth Service Corps Original Letter of Exclusion is not replaceable hence client will only be issued with letter of attestation/confirmation.


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