Female corps members evicted from hostel

Information reaching NYSC Online is on Female Adamawa corps members sleeping on the floor of the corridors after they were evicted from the hostel. Trying to find out more on this, we were told that Sixty-eight (68) female corps members relocated to Benue from Adamawa states and presently have been evicted from their rooms by the Camp Director, B.B Ballama.

As stated by Pulse.ng, Bullama had on Saturday asked the affected girls to leave their hostels.

The camp director B.B Ballama giving a short speech, threatened the girls that they would be evicted and sent to a nearby police college which is not fumigated, with lots of bushes and snakes,” she said.

Bullama further stated  that the girls were only allowed to stay in the rooms because they came late to camp. Most of the female corps members heeded to this instruction immediately. The Female students has this to say:

He claimed we came late to camp which was why the hostel was opened for us (which is a lie – the call up letter said everyone should report on Nov 26, which we all did).

“The population was more than expected.”

Regardless of the protests, the Director had a number of the women eliminated threatening to decamp them in the event that they did not comply.

Left with no choice, the girls at the moment are dwelling in inhumane situations.

“He later moved about 10 of the girls who managed to pack their belongings to a tiny laundry room that did not have sufficient leg room to include 5 individuals.

Greater than forty girls had to sleep on the floor on Saturday night time as all of the bunks within the hostel had been eliminated, different ladies needed to squat with mates.”

However that was not the tip of the matter because the eviction took a gender twist when the identical hostels had been allotted to male corp members.

“On Sunday morning after the officers had succeeded in throwing the girls out, they began bringing new bunks.

“They claimed it was for some boys staying in an open corridor where official activities are being held.

Regardless of subsequent assurances from the camp director later that the evicted corp members could be resettles, the eviction resumed in full pressure in the present day.

“On Monday morning after parade by 8am, the camp officers came to throw out the remaining female corp members who were still in the hostel and had nowhere else to go

“They threatened to bring some soldiers to discipline and throw out everybody‘s issues if they do not get out within minutes, claiming they’ve available mattress spaces.”

“When one of the evicted girls tried to say their act was wrong, the officers accused her of being rude, ceased her I.D card and took her to the camp disciplinary committee.”

The ladies have now been moved to the overcrowded hostels, most of them sleeping on the corridors or in areas with little or no air flow.”

To make issues worse for the evictees, some female corp members initially in the main hostels have been hostile towards them, clearly over the elevated inconvenience.

This can be a double tragedy for the corp members who have been first relocated from their original state of posting Adamawa, resulting in the delay of their orientation camp.

Now, they undergo within the hands of the same officers that should help them as they search to serve their motherland.

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