How to correct java runtime error during NYSC Online Registration

How to correct java runtime error during NYSC Online Registration is for computer centers and cafes that are going to involve themselves in the NYSC online Registration.

Do not pay anyone to do it for you as this post will provide you with every information to fix the java runtime error encountered during NYSC online registration.

How to correct Java Runtime Error

After installing Java runtime or SDK on your system

  1. Click Start Menu and Open Control Panel or search for Control Panel (Windows 8)
  2. Locate java Icon from the Control panel or Search ‘Java’ inside the control panel if you cannot see the Icon




  1. Click the Icon to open Java Control panel
  2. Click the security tab at the top of the Java panel as shown below
  3. On the security tab, click ‘Edit Site List’ to open the new dialog as shown above. If you cannot see the ‘Edit Site List’, go to item 9
  4. On the ‘Exception Site List’, click the Add button
  5. Enter ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ depending on the URL you are using in the box displayed as shown below
  6. Click Ok button after entering the site name as shown above.
  7. Slide down the security slider to medium as shown below (System with older java only)
  8. Click Ok button to close the Java control panel
  9. Refresh the web page from which you are trying to capture fingerprints




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