N38,900 NYSC allawee increment is just rumour

N38,900 NYSC allawee increment is just rumour and we have decided to make this clear to prospective as well as serving corps members that N38,900 NYSC allawee increment is just rumour.

News has it that President Buhari promised to increase the corps members allowance from N19800 to N38,900, and a post in Nairaland says: Senate Has Approved NYSC (#49,800) Allawee.

We’re here to let you know that all you’ve been hearing about it is rumour and fake news, most of which dates back to 2014. Don’t be deceived. When the N38,900 NYSC allawee is approved by the senate, all corps members will be notified as well as the general public.

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All you need to do is plan yourself, get something doing while serving. Follow our updates on   Mind your Business Lecture series.

Try to find out why “Mind your business” is not an insult but an advice. Make maximum use of all the SAED lectures you’ll receive while in orientation camp because they will cost you up to N10,000 to receive same lectures. NYSC has made this FREE to equip you to take charge of your life and destiny.

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The problem with Nigeria is not money problem but idea problem. Get an idea, seek for information and believe you me, that information can make you N100,000 within 1hour. Its no joke.

Learn a skill today and you’ll never bother to ask google if NYSC has increased allawee, rather you’ll want people to work for you and get paid. only through this, we can have better Nigeria and reduce unemployment.

Tell us what you think, comment and share. I’ll be back to soon. need to take my breakfast.

N38,900 NYSC allawee increment is just rumour is brought to you by NYSC online




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