Next action after NYSC online registration

Next action after NYSC online registration:

We believe that most of you have registered successfully, though we are not ignorant to the fact that some prospective corps members are having issues with their NYSC online registration.

If you have registered, its time you started getting things needed for NYSC orientation camp ready so that you wont miss any of the documents or items you’ll need in camp.

To place order for complete NYSC kits and pay for it when it gets to your door step, CLICK HERE.

NYSC orientation camp is fun. You can learn how to start your life after the service year during the SAED programme in camp which will last for 1week with intensive practical lectures.

Ask us possible questions as regards preparation for the 21day orientation in NYSC camp and we’ll gladly answer you.

We love you and will keep the information coming your way FREE OF CHARGE.




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