NYSC Online Registration centres Listing

NYSC Online Registration centres Listing

This is to inform all Cyber Cafes who are or will be engaging in the forthcoming NYSC online registration that we are creating a directory of NYSC Online Registration centers to make it easy for prospective corps members to locate you and register in your cyber cafe.

Remember, NYSC Online is not the official NYSC website, but owned and managed by a private firm to provide information to prospective corps members who will be needing them in a way they will understand. Hence, we do not charge these corps members to access information, rather the site is being managed by ad revenue and donations.

How to become an approved centre for NYSC online registration

There is nothing like approved centre for NYSC Online registration or any special registration with the official NYSC. The criteria that qualifies you to register prospective corps members include:

  1. Having a computer with a memory of at least 1G RAM
  2. Having a coloured printer which you’ll need to print the GREEN card after successful registration
  3. Having a Biometric Scanner for thumb printing. The Recommended scanner is Digital Persona U.are.U 4500. If you do not have, we can place order for you then you pay when you receive the Biometric scanner.
  4. Power supply.

If you have the above, you are good to go!

Now what next?

You need to let people around you know that you do this. Most graduates within your vicinity might not know your business center and will probably search google for approved centre for NYSC online registration.

This is why you need to advertise on our site.

According to our advert page, we charge as high as N20,000 for display advert on our site but for a limited cafes, we’re making you an unbeatable offer of N5000 (Five thousand Naira only) for display ads and N500 (Five hundred Naira only) for premium listing/NYSC registration centre Directory page.

Your advert will run from the time you place it till end of 2016 NYSC Online registration while the list remains on our site. You can opt for the two (2) services or Get listed on our site for just N500 if you do not want to have your ad displayed on the sidebar of the site.





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