Solution to few problems encountered in the NYSC online registration

Solution to few problems encountered in the NYSC online registration:

  • I registered but the NYSC portal says: Your Exemption Certificate is being processed
    but when I try to change Date of Birth, it tells me to make payment before I can view the panel for date of birth change. What do I do?

CLICK HERE to complete the payment and be able to change your D.O.B using WAEC or NABTEB. For people using WAEC to verify, you’ll need to buy WAEC VERIFICATION PIN.


  • My date of birth is wrong but I cannot change it. I have printed my Green Card.

If your date of birth is wrong and you do not see option to change it after the NYSC online registration, it means that the wrong date of birth you are seeing is within the age for service. You can only see the option to change your date of birth if the date of birth is above 30years.

  • The WAEC result I have, I did not use it in school. Can I still use it to verify?

WAEC result, whether you used it in school or not, whether the result was good or not, you can use it, they only want to confirm your name and date of birth.


  • I paid online but the portal is telling me to make payment

For those having issues of money being deducted and the portal still tell them to make payment:
This is what to do:
Step 1: Copy down the transaction code from the alert you received from your bank.
Step 2: Call your bank toll-free number or visit any of the branches close to you.
Step 3: Let them know what happened and ask for reversal
Step 4: Wait for up to 7days to get your money back.


  • I made a wrong choice in the states I want to serve.

Well, sorry you are facing this problem of choosing the wrong states from the list of states provided. Albeit, NYSC has made it clear that it is for SURVEY purposes and might not be used in posting prospective corps members.


  • I am a married woman and made a mistake by registering as a singe, what should I do?

Well…that mistake might be costly. I suggest you take your documents to the place you’ll be posted for the 21days orientation. Then you can apply for relocation on the basis of MARRIED and you’ll be considered.


  • Which one is GREEN CARD?

GREEN CARD is what you print after successful NYSC online registration. This document is meant to be printed colored and be taken to camp with the call up letter.

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