Things to get ready for NYSC 2015 Batch B Online Registration

Things to get ready for NYSC 2015 Batch B Online Registration is the question we keep receiving. This post is meant to give you a guide on documents needed to get ready for the NYSC 2015 Batch B online registration. First,

  1. Make sure that your name is in the senate list submitted to NYSC.
  2. Have/snap a passport of 7-15Kilobite and on white background. This is the recommended background and size by NYSC.
  3. Start practicing the signature you’ll use. i.e. if you are having issues with your signature. This is the signature that will be 0n your NYSC ID card.
  4. Make sure that the passport shows your ear, 2eyes, hair and jaw. If any of these is not found, it might tell you that it is not a valid human face.
  5. Keep N1,000 for the online registration and N3,050. This will make the total N4,050. I expect you to have at least N5,000 to take care of all the online registration expenses as cafe will likely charge you for using their card to transact.

Other information for the form is seen here: 2015 NYSC Online Registration Requirement sample form.

If you are married, endeavor to keep your marriage certificate as well as any national dailies where your change of name was published.

Comment below lets see the challenges you are facing and address them. Dont forget you can register HERE and chat with friends, share updates and add friends.

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