Making Money Opportunity for corps members

Attention : Youth Corpers And Prospective Youth Corper

Would you like to discover proven ways to Make An Extra 10k, 30k Or Even 50k Every Month As A Youth Corper…Even If You Had A 3rd Class, Was Posted To A Village And Have No Connection?
If yes then read on.
When I was a corper and from the interaction with corpers via my blog NYSC Online , I know that MONEY…is the biggest challenge corpers face.
From the day you were mobilized for service, you started thinking about where you’ll be posted to and what job you’ll be posted to do.
And you start thinking about how you’ll survive the service year. 
And now, with the present harsh conditions of the economy, your allawee can’t do much. And the truth remains that most states have stopped paying corpers.
How will they when they are still owing civil servants up to 3 months salary?
To survive the present harsh economy of the country as a corper , you need to generate extra cash.
The question is HOW?
Well, in a few weeks from now, I’ll release a training that reveals exactly how to make an extra 10k, 20k , 30k or even 50k per month as a corper.
Is this something you would like to have?
if you like to get this training when it’s ready, please type a “yes” in the comments and add your best email to this page.
I’ll send you an email , when it’s ready.
Thank you
Igbaji, U.C.




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