Mind Your Business Lecture Series

Mind Your Business Lecture Series is our own way of helping the National Youth Service Corps in the quest to enlighten the youth as well as prepare them to face and mind their business after the service year.

Prior to the NYSC Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) which started in 2012 NYSC Batch A Orientation Camp Nationwide. This was as a result of the instruction from NYSC National headquarter Abuja, by the then Director General, Brig. Gen. Nnamdi Okere-Affio (DSS, MN). That skilled Trainer and skilled acquisition programme should be induced in NYSC orientation curriculum.

Mind Your Business Lecture Series


Imagine someone coming to you right now to tell you “my friend you need to mind your business” how will you react? Do you take it as an insult or an unquantifiable, “power – filled” catalyst to make you start up something on your own?

This lecture series is brought to you, to make you see reason in minding your own business and for you to know the “hidden truth” though not secret about some things that happens around you. I’ll rather you take the statement “mind your own business” as an insult so as to take necessary actions towards being a business owner(s) because it is my dream for you to own a business not minding the size.

This lecture series will be divided into “lessons” to communicate and teach you the things you need to know. Even if you have known them, to refresh your memory and have you make some changes in your plans and programmes than letting things happen the way they want to. The lecture series is made up of Ten (10) lessons well packed for you to unfold and take actions today.

For corps members, I implore you take charge of your life and do something productive during your service year. For prospective corps members, the SAED programme is something you must take serious when you are mobilized as it will prepare you to minding your own business.

Stay tuned for Lesson 1 of Mind Your Business Lecture Series

Mind Your Business Lecture Series is proudly brought to you by NYSC Online



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